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Digital Language lab for non PC classroom

Language Lab is an important and necessary system for language learning in schools. Nowadays, the digitalized Language Lab, developed under the needs of modern education, can offer you more colorful class content, more powerful instruction functions, and easier operation. HiClass Digital Language Lab system, leading this industry for years, is sure to be the most powerful and cost-effective solution! Providing powerful functions for all of your needs in language classes, HiClass Digital Language Lab System makes your language learning more attractive and effective.

IK-720 Teacher terminal
IK-720 Student terminal

Designed for All Kinds of Needs in Language Learning

1. Teaching
Offer all the necessary functions for lessons in language lab, such as dialog, broadcasting, grouping, etc. 

2. Lesson Preparation

Many courseware development tools and functions are available in the system. Teacher can easily create media enriched courseware for the language lessons. 

3. Examination:
With the Examination Guide, it is very easy to carry out multimedia examination in the system.

4. Self-study

Students can access the resources available in the system for the Self Study at the spare time.




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