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Ikonnet Technologies, established in 1995, is a leader in developing and marketing multimedia networking solutions for enterprises and schools. Based on its strong R&D teams, Ikonnet has released many powerful and welcomed products.

One of Ikonnet's best selling products, HiClass Multimedia Educational Network System, has been installed and well used in more than 30,000 schools worldwide. It is also honored by the excellence award of "It's Very Well Made In Taiwan" granted by the Taiwan government.

These achievements are not regarded as our successes in our mind. Ikonnet's success is always counted on customer's success. We acknowledge the importance of our customer's investment in technology. We are committed to providing our customers the best product, service, and support, to help our customers successfully improve the efficiency, reduce the cost, and increase the income, etc.

Our business partners play a vital role in ensuring total customer satisfaction with our products. The international network of our carefully selected distributors can present our latest products to the customers with competitive prices at very short time.

Our research and engineering team is constantly developing new products, so that you can always benefits from the efficiency and convenience coming with the latest advanced technology.

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