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Classroom Management with Smart AV Switch.

HiClass X is a prefer solution for teacher to take total control over the computer lab and all AV devices provided in the lab. From HiClass X’s main console, teacher can broadcast teacher screen, observe students PCs, and talk with students. Teacher can also select up to 3 out of 6 different AV sources and decide where those three signals will be displayed simultaneously. No more complicated wiring or ‘try and errors’ on the remote controllers of different AV devices!

>> Why Select HiClass X ?
  • Broadcast teacher screen to student PCs and talk to students by HiClass X. At the
    same time, a selected DVD movie from the DVD player is sent to the classroom projector by a few clicks. So students can see different material transmitted over the HiClass X simultaneously!
  • Teacher selects a student as a DEMO student and sends this DEMO student’s screen to the projector by HiClass X. And teacher can still communicate or monitor all students by HiClass X if the teacher needs!
  • Teacher use a document camera to capture an image such as a world map and send
    the image to the project. At the same time, teacher can send a website containing
    more information to students PC easily.
  • Teacher can broadcast his/her PC screen to the project and broadcast the audio of
    selected cassette player to students, so students can see and listen to what teacher arranged.

>> Multi-functional System with Customizable Console for Different Needs

Built with flexibility and easy-to-use in mind, HiClass X works as video scalar, AV matrix, AV distribution amplifier and infrared ray remote controller

>> Four Sub Control Console

  • IR Controller – Teacher can control AV devices that connect to HiClass X system.
    No more complicated wiring and operating. IR learning function is also included in
    HiClass X.

  • AV Matrix – Select 3 out of 6 inputs sources and display on 3 different outputs simultaneously. HiClass X can also distribute the VGA signal to an output up to 300 meters away!

  • CM Function – Teacher can put most frequently used classroom management
    functions here and activate CM functions from this sub console.

  • Smart Function - Teacher can use a GUI tool to program most frequently used
    function into one button and active the functions by one click. This is a powerful
    and easy to use feature for teachers.

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