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Manage PC labs with Unique Teacher Control Panel

With the success of over 30,000 HiClass installations worldwide, Ikonnet proudly introduces the new HiClass V System, a state-of-the-art system that will set up a new standard for teaching in a networked computer classroom with multimedia curriculum!

HiClass V uses all new design that digitizes the audio and video signals and transmits them in the system.

By this new design, HiClass V can transmit, display and playback the audio and video signals in much higher quality than before! Moreover, digital signals can be sent through industrial standard STP LAN cables to save the implementation cost without sacrificing the quality of the contents being sent. HiClass V is your smart choice for the computer classroom.

HiClass V provides a rich set of functions that will help both instructors' teaching and students' learning. All the functions can be carried out on HiClass V's new teacher control panel by a few clicks! New system features like 2 port student box, 8 port data repeater, new teacher control panel and standard STP network cable as the main connection bus, all make the HiClass V system so easy to use and so powerful like never before!

  • Robust Teacher Control Panel allows you manage the lab by few clicks
    Just click on the buttons of HiClass V Teacher Control Panel and teachers can send screens with even DVD movies to student computers with no delay! Simple and easy to operate the HiClass V
  • New digitalized signal design means higher audio and video quality
    Not like the previous analog design, HiClass V adopts digital IC to process and transmit audio and video signal in digital format. So HiClass V supports up to 1,600 x 1,200 high quality SVGA LCD screens
  • Reduce the implementation cost by new STP cabling and signal Data Repeater
    HiClass V use standard STP LAN cable so user can prepare the cable easily. All student stations are chain together and connected by STP cables to signal Data Repeater ( Hub) in each classroom.

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