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Digital Language lab for non PC classroom

Easy to implement Teacher and Student terminals are connected to standard Fast Ethernet switches with TCP/IP protocol, which significantly reduces the implementation cost. Just like widely used Local area network, HiClass DLL can be set up and maintain easily.

Teacher terminal
Student terminal
  • User-friendly user interface and easy operation make users willing to learn and use this system.
  • Linux based Teacher and Student Terminals run promptly when powered on. Teacher Terminal can easily control all the Student Terminals and carry out all the functions.
  • As soon as the student terminal is powered on, the system will immediately start the quick self-inspection. 
  • Support multiple standard file format such as mp3, WAV, TXT, so that teacher can utilize different curriculum in teaching.
  • Supporting MP3 file, and compatible with common MP3 Decoder.
  • Offer powerful supplementary toolkit for helping teacher be easy in preparing lessons, system management, online upgrade, information publishing, resource management, and examination, etc.





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