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Classroom Management with Smart AV Switch.

Main Functions

  • Broadcast

    With HiClass X, teachers can broadcast their PC screen to one, selected or all students by a few clicks. Every student monitor displays exactly what the teacher sees in crisp high quality. HiClass X supports two broadcast modes, students will either be locked out of their computers or allowed to re-size the teacher’s broadcasted screen at teacher’s choice.

  • Student Demo

    If a student has a creative thinking to a problem or just a pretty picture selects that student and clicks the Student Demo button. Immediately, all other students in the class or group or selected will see in real-time that particular student's computer screen.

  • Group Activities

    HiClass X Group is a powerful function that allows teachers to group students into different group or put students in pairs for different group activities, collaboration, or even conversation practice. Teachers can also assign different tasks to each group and let each group have different activities to meet different group’s learning targets.

  • Quiz

    Electronically testing and grading is now a simple task. HiClass X provide a Quick Quiz for testing or a more sophisticate Quiz builder that can creates true/false,multiple choice and essay questions that can include graphics. When the quiz is sent out to students, the teacher can watch in real-time where and how students are doing on the quiz. The test questions can optionally be randomized and timed. Results can be exported to an electronic grade book, significantly reducing the time to administer and grade tests.

  • Limit Web Sites and Applications

    HiClass X provides teachers, trainers and professors the ability to limit where students can go on the Internet and what applications students can use.

  • Seating Plan

    Now teachers can create a seating Plan and save it as a file. And also teachers can load different saved seating plan and automatically bring students into the HiClass X session.

    Function List


    Record Screen
    Audio Broadcast
    Electronic Pen
    Student Demo
    Group Talk
    File Transfer
    Quick Quiz
    Net Movie
    Customizable UI
    Application Control
    Black Screen
    Surfing Control
    Rename Button
    Raise Hand
    One-Button Operation
    Remote Command
    Class Management
    IR Learning
    Remote Management
    Customizable Button

  • Functions maybe different in different version. Please check with ikonnet reseller for detail
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