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Manage PC labs with Unique Teacher Control Panel

  • Productive functions for teaching and learning
    Teacher can manage the computer classroom with HiClass V's functions include Broadcast, Observe, Control, Group, Black Screen, Dialog, Pair Talk, Call Teacher Button and more.

  • Save the implementation cost without scarifying the quality of courseware
    Signal transmitted through industrial standard STP CAT5 Cable, which is much easier to install and maintain than traditional coaxial cable.

  • All digitized signal provides better audio and video quality
    Building with advanced digital chip sets to digitize the audio and video signal and increase the quality of the signal transmitted via the HiClass V.

  • Flexible grouping enable small group learning
    Enhanced Group function that students are divided into up to 8 groups and teacher can assign different tasks to groups according to their different learning needs!

  • Student external box design enables easy installation
    HiClass V provides 2-port student external box which allows 2 students sharing one student box. This design reduces the cost of implementation significantly.

  • Start broadcasting from anywhere in the classroom
    Wireless Remote Controller enables teacher to execute the functions like Broadcast, Black Screen, Observe and Break from anywhere in the classroom.

  • Central student monitor for teacher's broadcasting
    Optional central monitor can be added between student stations to receive teacher's broadcasting. The students can work on their own PC when watching the broadcasting on the central monitor!

  • Second teacher monitor to observe student computer screens
    Teacher can add one additional monitor to view student PC screens in Observe mode. So that teacher can even work on his/her own PC in Observe function!

  • Teacher can connect 2nd PC for broadcasting
    Support teacher's second PC, so that teacher can select one PC to broadcast while working on the other PC.

  • Support high resolution monitor
    Support up to 1,600*1,200 SVGA high-resolution screen and full motion video.
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