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Software Solution for Computer Lab Management

HiClass provide a rich set of features that allow teacher to focus on teaching and help students learn more and faster!

  • Add multimedia files into your teaching
  • Catch students attention during the class
  • Virtual Recorder for basic language learning
  • Manage students computers remotely

Broadcast screens
Demonstrate a concept or example by sharing teacher screen and microphone or any student screen and microphone with all the students, selected students or a group of students.

Live Broadcast
Transmit the live video signals from a USB video camera on teacher computer to student computers, so student can see teacher’s face during the class

Smart Scroll during screen broadcast
Students can view the broadcasted screen in window mode, with the teacher's mouse always in center.

Broadcast any multimedia file from teacher computer to selected student screens or to the entire class. NetMovie supports ASF, AVI, WMV, DAT, MPG, MPEG, VOB, RM, RMVB, MPEG-4, DIVX, MP3, and WAV

Observe student screens
Observe the screens of all students or selected students in your class directly from your computer with max. 16 students in one screen. You can also control and operate the student station remotely during Observe.

Intercom with students
HiClass provides high quality audio communication that teacher can talk to selected students through headset in Intercom function.

Send a Black Screen to student computers
Teacher can send a black screen to selected or all students computer to keep them on track and focus on teacher.

Control student computer remotely
Control and operate one selected student computer and guide the student remotely through a particular task

Respond to students individually
Students can press a hot keys to call teacher for help and ask questions using the headset through HiClass. Moreover, students can ask for extra help confidentially and not in front of their classmates.

Group students and assign an assistant teacher
Divide the students into several groups at will, and designate a student as a group leader for each group to take over some of the teacher's functions.

Create and monitor group discussion
Chat with students directly, or create groups of students and allow them to dialog in the groups. Teacher can monitor and joint the group at any time.

Virtual recorder for students
Special Virtual Recorders on student computer allows students to listen an audio file sent by teacher and record the live audio during the class.

Launch applications on students computers remotely
Remotely launch and close applications on each student’s desktop from teacher computer

Capture teacher screen and create a courseware
Record the screen operations of teacher computer and teacher's voice into a video file. Students can playback the recorded file for learning.

View and arrange student screen thumbnails*
Student desktops appear as thumbnail images on HiClass Teacher program. Teacher can group, resize and arrange to match your classroom layout.

Control online access and applications
Keep students focused on learning by blocking their access to the Internet or specific applications, including games or software programs.

Lock student computers’ keyboard and mouse
Prevent distractions by locking down the keyboards and mice of selected students or the entire classroom.

Transfer files to students and receive file from students
Send documents to students from teacher computer or allow students submit assignments to teacher computer.

Turn off all student computers
Shut down all computers simultaneously with a single mouse click from the teacher computer.

Quiz students
Create a quiz tests easily and distribute the tests directly from teacher to student computers and have students to answer the quiz.


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